Business Services

Companies of all sizes need an integrated cost efficient solution, with dynamic capabilities for their communication with customers and associates.

Business service functions as a personal branch extension (PBX), on a competitive price offering, including features such as:-
  • “Call transfer” facility: transferring calls you have answered at another number of the company
  • “Call Pickup” Facility: answering an incoming call to one company number, from another number of the company
  • “Voicemail” facility: receiving voice messages for missed calls or calls when the number was busy
  • Multiple charge extensions, using 3digit codes for communication within the company
  • “One number for all outgoing calls” facility
  • “Caller id” and many more facilities
  • Services availabe for different devices: IP Phones, and via softphone for mobile phones (android/apple) and personal computers (Windows).

Hightened dependency upon mobile services

We are all witnessing the increasing dependency on the facilities that mobile telephony provides, from mobile banking, identity verification, and of course communications services through chat, video or voice.

It goes without saying that having a mobile phone is pretty much a necessity in the modern connected world of today.
There are so many options of subscriptions, handsets and bundles that it is only with some depper knowledge of the servoces that are best for you that anyone can reasonably provide you with an offer for the best solutions for you.

Telefutures works to bring services together.

There is a revolution in the way that many of us work, because of necessity we are seeing that working out-of-office at least part-time is going to be an accepted way for many people to work in the future.

Traditional Workspaces

Most of us and most companies have been gradually evolving into what we knew as the traditional workplace, but in the last 2 years much of that has been turned on it's head. Generally we are much more likely to be looking at a future of shared workspaces and telephony services need to be able to 'follow you' where ever you are.

Out of Office

With mobile devices in the shape of mobile handsets and laptop computers or tablets we can facilitie what can be seen as a 'mobile office' allowing most people access to the majority of services and information that they would have sitting at a desk in the office or at home.

Home Working

The Covid pandemic has acted as a catalyst and forced changes to the way that many of us work and communicate. Many organisations have had to accept and have been 'making do' but by enabling communications services in a different way we should no longer be disadvantaged when working from home.