Using the facilities of telephony to help improve lives

We are delighted to be able to offer devices such as these at prices significatly lower than available else where that can truly make a difference to peoples lives.
Note: These devices need mobile subscriptions in order to work, see below for our recommendations.

Smart Bracelet

The "Smart Bracelet" that we stock provides, through mobile phone connectivity, comfort and security to both patients and relatives of people suffering with mobility and memory loss.
The braclet is a waterproof (IP67) device that can be worn 24/7, needs charging approximatly once a week with a magnetic charging connector. Features an SOS call button (cycling through up to 3 emergency contact numbers), geolocation ringfence, call button to pre defined numbers, and some basic health tracking functions, as well as the ability to receive calls and voice messages.
Our Price - £49.99

Smart Pendant

Mainly for use as a round the neck pendant but can be worn as a bracelet with the included strap.
This is waterproof (IP67) and features long battery life needing to be charged approximately once a week. SOS call feature (cycling through 3 numbers), geolocation and ringfence capabilities and the ability to receive calls and voice messages.
Our Price - £59.99

Mobile Subscriptions

Giffgaff - Pay as you go (PAYG). £10 Credit with a £5 initial bonus.
1P mobile - Pay as you go (PAYG) £30 Credit.