Business Consultancy

Through years of senior management and running business we have real world knowledge and experiences.

Running a business, particularly a small one is a mine field of things that you need to know but simply don't have experience or knowledge of.
With our busines experience we can help you to focus on the things you need and the areas that may be being neglected in order to strengthen your business.

How does this work?

For an initial fee we meet with you to understand your business and concerns, then we provide you with a plan which we discuss with you on how to help. We do not generally sell services and therefore we are an independant advisor working for you without any benefit from recommending a particular course of action or services. If you want an ongoing relationship for business advise then we will of course discuss that with you and provide those services for agreed fees.

Business Coaching

Often small business owners don't have a set plan of what they want their business to achieve other than to provide an income. Through coaching we can assist you to help you better understand what goals you have for your business and what, if any, changes you should be making to help achieve this.

Future Planning

Putting plans in place to stabilise your business or prepare for expansion. We can guide you through the steps, help you to understand and detail the path and steps to give you better control over the future direction of your business.


Most small business owners spend time over and above the services they provide for necessary administration tasks but are not always doing this efficently.